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Product Page Audit: Boost Sales with a Video Review (+ CRO Checklist)

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Product Page Audit: Boost Sales with a Video Review (+ CRO Checklist)

Josh Frank
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  • Do you need that "fresh set of eyes" on your product page?

  • Ever feel like your product pages are jammed with text, and not compelling?

  • Ever wonder what an expert in conversion rate optimization (CRO) would change about your product page?

Now's your chance to have a proven CRO expert review and provide actionable insights on your product page.

Here are the places you're likely leaking money on your product page:

  • A lackluster image gallery: This is the #1 place where eCommerce stores miss the point. Unlock the secret features that top eCommerce sites use to sell with imagery.

  • Not utilizing the S.C.R.I.P.T Framework: My proven framework analyzes your product description, reviews, images, etc. for conversion improvement

  • In-stock and out-of-stock messaging: How do you help people to know that their order won't be trapped in a container forever? (there's a trick to this)

  • Overly generic messaging: Boring messaging and microscopy makes you sound like everyone else and DOES NOT SELL, let's fix that.

About Me:

I've reviewed hundreds of sites and ran thousands of a/b tests. I work with top eCommerce companies helping them boost their conversion rates, average order value, and profitability. I've worked with brands like Auto Anything, Universal Audio, Next Vacay, and Hoonigan.


"Working with Josh is such a great investment. I could not recommend this enough. And at the end of the day, he really shows the results. We've implemented his feedback and, it just works." - Manasa Mantravadi (Founder, Ahimsa)

Here's exactly how this works:

  • When you purchase the Product Page Audit, you'll receive a quick form where you can designate the page you'd like to be reviews

  • Within 72 hours you'll receive your custom video, checklist, and we'll schedule your Zoom call (Optional)

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You'll get a link to your video audit (fully transcribed) + a checklist of the ideas from the video.